Welcome to the 20th ONLINE Commonwealth Forestry Conference

August 16 – 19, 2021 | Hosted in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Musqueam traditional, ancestral and unceded territory | ʔəlqsən, Point Grey, University of British Columbia

The Commonwealth Forestry Conference is an informal forum for foresters, and all those with an interest in the forestry sector to exchange knowledge and experience. It is organized by the Standing Committee on Commonwealth Forestry and occurs every 4 – 5 years. The Conference relates to general aspects of forest management and governance and has a focus on the changing priorities of the forestry sector.

A hundred years ago, the Conference was the precursor of many global meetings on forestry, aiming to bring awareness of the forest resource around the globe, and introduce strategies for its use and long term sustainability. Today, the Conference keeps a reputation of a global forestry event that brings together a wide representation of forest practitioners and natural resources managers, scholars, decision makers and change influencers.

Why attend the Conference?

We expect this Conference to engage members of the Commonwealth as well as the general world forest community, regardless of their professional affiliation – working for governments, the industry or other civil and environmental organizations – as integrating and coordinating national policies for natural resources management takes collective action across the institutions and sectors.

  • This will be the fourth conference hosted by Canada and the first to be conducted entirely online.
  • We expect to draw forestry leaders from around the world – not only from the 53 independent and equal sovereign member states of Commonwealth Forestry, but also from China, Japan and European countries.
  • We will provide a safe and inclusive space to market ideas, start and renew friendships among professionals and initiate discussion, from a research, a business and from a governance point-of-view, on what the future forest sector might look like.
  • We trust the online format will extend access to a much bigger audience than in-person attendance, and in an equitable manner.

Please join us for the Twentieth Commonwealth Forestry Conference in August, 2021 and share your view on the joint future of forests and people.

The Commonwealth Forestry Conference is organised as a partnership between: